Buick Century 1993 Alloy wheel fitment guide Choose appropriate trim of Buick Century 1993:

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Buick Century 1993, All trims
Tire  Rim  Bolt pattern  THD  CB   
185/75 R14 6Jx14 ET44 5x115 N/A

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Wheel General Info The ranges of possible values for tires and rims for a Buick Century 1993

Tires for Buick Century 1993

  • Diameters: 14'' - 14''
  • Width (mm): 185 - 185
  • Tire aspect ratio (%): 75 - 75
  • Smallest tire size: 185/75 R14
  • Largest tire size: 185/75 R14

Rims for Buick Century 1993

  • Bolt pattern 5x115
    • Diameter: 14'';  
    • Width (inches): 6;  
    • Offset (mm): 44.