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Ford Ranger 2002, 2WD
Tire  Rim  Bolt pattern  THD  CB   
225/70 R15 7x15 ET5 5x114.3 N/A
235/75 R15 7.5x15 ET5 5x114.3 N/A
Ford Ranger 2002, 4WD
Tire  Rim  Bolt pattern  THD  CB   
245/75 R16 8x16 ET5 5x114.3 N/A

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Wheel General Info The ranges of possible values for tires and rims for a Ford Ranger 2002

Tires for Ford Ranger 2002

  • Diameters: 15'' - 16''
  • Width (mm): 225 - 245
  • Tire aspect ratio (%): 70 - 75
  • Smallest tire size: 225/70 R15
  • Largest tire size: 245/75 R16

Rims for Ford Ranger 2002

  • Bolt pattern 5x114.3
    • Diameter: 15'' - 16'';  
    • Width (inches): 7 - 8;  
    • Offset (mm): 5.