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    • Created: 1 year, 3 months ago
    • By hugh

    is tyre size 255- 75 -15 too large for ...

    is tyre size 255- 75 -15 too large for my Isuzu dmax 2007 pickup trick

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      • Created: 7 months, 2 weeks ago
      • By allan

      Offset on Isuzu D-Max Rodeo 2010 model

      Hello,please help me i want to buy a after market wheel to upgrade my isuzu dmax 2010 model.i dont know what is the right offset that fits to my truck, i want to put 20inches wheel and tire 267x50R20 or 275x50R20 thank you for your help.

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        • Answered: 1 week, 6 days ago
        • By John

        Hi,Allan,The offset 38mm.The tire you can select both 267/50R20 and 275/50R20.

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        • Created: 2 weeks, 3 days ago
        • By gslessar

        2009 Isuzu DMax LSU 4x4 wheel data

        I want to match the wheels on a new caravan to those on my 2009 Isuzu DMax LSU 4x4 diesel dual cab utility/pickup. Do you have detailed technical specifications for the necessary rim size, including centre bore diameter, stud/lug configuration, offset, lug bolt diameter and thread pattern - measurements preferably in metric. Thanks, Graham

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          • Answered: 2 weeks ago
          • By John

          Hi,Graham.The rim for 2009 Isuzu Dmax LSU is 16''*8.PCD is 6*139.7mm.Centre bore is 110.5mm,Offset is +20mm.

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        Wheel General Info The ranges of possible values for tires and rims of Isuzu D-Max Rodeo

        Tires for Isuzu D-Max Rodeo

        • Diameters: 15'' - 16''
        • Width (mm): 225 - 265
        • Tire aspect ratio (%): 70 - 75
        • Smallest tire size: 225/75 R15
        • Largest tire size: 265/70 R16

        Rims for Isuzu D-Max Rodeo

        • Bolt pattern 6x139.7
          • Diameter: 15'' - 16'';  
          • Width (inches): 6.5 - 8;  
          • Offset (mm): 4 - 5.