FAQ General Information Common questions about the website and partnerships.

  1. About the Website, API, Partnerships

    1. Q. I cannot find my car modification at your website A. Database of this site is due to the independent survey including the review of official websites of manufacturers. There are some possible situations that some data has not been published or found. If you cannot find any data you need, just let us know about it and please contact your dealer or distributor.
    2. Q. When will you be updating information about wheels and tire specs of new car models? A. We are trying update it as quickly as possible
      But due to work to ensure the accuracy of the data, it can take about a month or even more. Please be forewarned.
    3. Q. Why I see a lot of possible wheel and tire specs variants for my car? A. Please note: Bolded records are default factory sizes (OEM); all another records are custom possible variants.
      Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the accuracy of the website data is 100%. Please keep it your mind. If you have any data that has not been published by any chance, please let us know "manufacturer, model, year, model, size" from the contact form below.
    4. Q. Can I use the data of wheel-size.com at my website ? A. You can use our API at http://developer.wheel-size.com/
      We are ready to implement it to your website for an additional setup fee.
      Please feel free to contact us about any questions.
    5. Q. Technical Environment of the wheel-size.com A. This website is really the best among similar :-) It is HTML5 / CSS fully validated. It has responsive and adaptive design. It works great at any mobile devices. Backend: Python/Django + Nginx + MySQL.
      We are using Amazon Web Services to make it stable.
    6. Q. Advertisement at Wheel-size.com and its lang versions A. Currently daily count of visitors is about 20,000+ visitors and it is constantly growing. We are open for any offers and cooperation. We are using Google DoubleClick for Publishers to make your ads geo-targeted. Please contact us directly via email or contact form below for more details.