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SUV, 5d

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    • Created: 3 years, 3 months ago
    • By siavash

    i have Changan CS35, Mini Suve fron Chanagn co. ...

    i have Changan CS35, Mini Suve fron Chanagn co.
    here is the problems of this car after 14,000 Km:
    1- the poer of engine if too low, and your are going to trouble when driving up heel road
    2- the cooling system have many problems, it is not working good in traffic and it will off/ when you use rear grear, it eill be off ??? / the outlet of coolimg air is between 6 to 20'C , during frive in traffic.
    3- the brake system when you use Cooling system is perilous , several time i had to use hand brake,
    4- Suspension and dampers after Scrolling 14,000 Km be week & Weak and noisy.
    5- technical service ans sudtomer care. is to weak , and always told , you drive bad.

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      • Answered: 3 years, 3 months ago
      • By John

      Hi,Siavash,In china,The customers of changan cars mostly is middle level income.Your car's problems is also noted in china market,They truelly have long road to go.

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