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My 2009 Honda element SC came with 18' on …

My 2009 Honda element SC came with 18' on it stock. When I turn the wheel as far as it will go to let our right (front of course) it seems I have a good 4 to 5 inch clearance MY Tires that I have now are 245-45 R18. I'm sharing this knowledge to see if you offer aa black slight offer with a chrome (not plated real dipped chrome) I'd like to get a 20 on the back and a 19 on the front, if you could accommodate this order I'll call with you guys and buy them tomorrow. Also it doesn't have to be for my model it'd be great but as long as the lug pattern matches and they mount properly that would be fine NO UNIVERSAL LUG PLATES PLEASE. Only because I've had trouble on my old RX7 they slipped of course that car had almost 400hp but I still don't trust them. I'm looking at the middle of the rim to be black chrome also or shiny you know what I mean and the design best way I can describe it is like spiderweb. I could send you a pic of the rims I'd love to see on it or you can look it up is from FORZA 6 the 3rd one down select it and it will bring up around 20 different selections I believe they are the ones that look like the have a chrome and red knock off lug. Anyway I appreciate you taking the time to here me out and hopefully you guys can help me, you were recommended by a few of my mutual gear heads... I've also ordered a air ride suspension system that will give me 3 to 4 extra I'm glad I remembered so see if you can find 2 20z in that style I described, thanks again and if you don't mind E-MAIL me with a yey or negative ASAP thanks again
Matthew mjonezy29@gmail.com