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Plymouth Colt Vista  [USDM]
1991 - 1995
Plymouth Colt Vista Station Wagon

Station Wagon

Plymouth Colt Vista  [USDM]
1983 - 1991
Plymouth Colt Vista Station Wagon

Station Wagon

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  • JS
    Jayson Schonder April 10, 2022 03:24
    What I have to offer is having to do with the hub assembly of the 1986 USDM Plymouth Colt Vista wagon 2.0L 2wd. I am not an engineer & my technical savy is not on your level and the following may be outside your websites scope of interest. But its not out of the scope of comprehensiveness your website strives to offer which is the thing that sets apart from everyone else. If you guys could possibly find this information documented somewhere within your vast knowledge or connection to the industry it will help anyone trying to use wheel spacers or adapters for this vehicle. It will ultimately be nothing more than a side note on the page of a very uncommon vehicle but! it will make your page complete! (As far as my "research" goes I've found nothing regarding this. After several emails with a representative from a leader in this wheel spacer/adapter industry it is something that his people are unaware of. They asked me to send pics with dimensions.) 
    The problem with the factory assembly of the front axle on this particular year,make,model is that the nuts securing the mounting stud retaining plate behind the axle nut are not recessed. They protrude 5/16"+/- making a flush mount of wheel spacers/adapters impossible. The bolt pattern is 4x114.3 yes. However, the nuts fall inside of that bolt circle, "wheel side". 
    Anyways, I have contributed here at your incomparable website a year or so ago with some missing info. regarding my 1987 Chevy Turbo Sprint. I frequently rely on your site for my numerous vehicles all of which are 25+ yrs. old. 
    Please let me know when you get a moment if you one, are aware of this anomaly and two, if you are already in possession of the necessary information to overcome this obstacle to aftermarket improvements. 
    Thank You Very Much.
          Take good care...Jayson
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    • United States of America
    • 1983 .. 1991 [USDM]

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