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Toyota MR2 Spyder
III Facelift  [USDM]
2003 - 2006
Toyota MR2 Spyder III Facelift (W30) Convertible

Convertible, 2d (W30)

Toyota MR2 Spyder
1999 - 2002
Toyota MR2 Spyder III (W30) Convertible

Convertible, 2d (W30)

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  • KT
    Keith Tucker May 29, 2022 00:18
    Mr2 spyder rims are offset, i.e wider in the rear than in the front but the same diameter. 185/50/15 front 205/50/15 rear. front rims are 6x15 rear are 6.5x15. This 20cm width difference must be maintained for the car to handle properly, safely. The 20cm was even found to not be enough difference. Starting in 2003 Toyota went further by going to a 16x7 inch rim in the rear and a 215/50/16, taking the offset to 30cm between front and rear wheels. Toyota did this because the car could "snap" around on people in corners, so for safety they widened the rear tires and kept the fronts at 185cm. DO NOT SELL 4 of the same size rims and tires for a MR2 spyder, you will make the car more prone to snapping around on a unsuspecting driver in a corner. Do not sell larger diameter rims and tires. The diameter must stay less than 24 inches or you will ruin the cars acceleration. Rims are different sizes for a good reason on the MR2, like a Porsche the weight is in the back.. Upgrade keeping the offset, matching rim 15x6 and rear 15x6.5 with available matching tread tires are very limited if any. The only available matching tires to maintain at the very least 20cm wider in the rear were 0 zero. Closet I could find for the stock 15x6 f and 15x6.5r rims was Yokohama s drives 195/50/15f, 205/50/15r. But this only gave 10cm difference between front and rear lessening safety. To upgrade the MR2 Spyer is hard to do right and not kill someone. Matching tread wider/ upgraded performance tires I have found. Faklin Azines Front 205/50/15 Rear 245/45/15 Rear. The problem is finding "matching" 15" rims of different widths. Required is High offset rims of 33 to 40,  Front 15x6.5 and rear rims 15x8.5.  This maintains the 30cm width difference and same less than 24 inch diameter/height of the wheel. Find matching 15" rims in 6.5 and 8.5 widths?? I found a place that can cut and add 2 inches to the original 5 spoke front rims, allowing the moving the stock 5 spoke 6.5 to the front. Would prefer to find manufactured 5 spoke rims in the correct 6.5 and 8.5 widths. Are you able to source for MR2 requirements?
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    • United States of America
    • III [1999 .. 2002] [USDM]
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    • Created: 6 years, 3 months ago
    • By alancsalt

    Incorrect rim/tyres listed for 2003 MR2 Spyder. The "Facelift" …

    Incorrect rim/tyres listed for 2003 MR2 Spyder. The "Facelift" model introduced late 2002, had 215/45-16 REAR tyres on 16 x 7JJ rims. All Spyders after that used these on the rear.

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      • Answered: 6 years, 3 months ago
      • By Alexey

      Thank you. It has been corrected.

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