Partnership with Wheel Size

Partnership and collaboration within the existing Wheel Size application

Our app's monthly audience is 50k users, and it is constantly growing. Total downloads are more than 200k downloads.

Do you want to advertise your brand inside of the app in your own way and entirely remove the current commercials?

We can offer:

  • app naming changes to Wheel Size <Your Company>
  • splash screen with your brand
  • different types of product placements on app screens
  • custom integration of client products into the app
  • custom services
  • changes will be applied for both apps (iOS  / Android

Please feel free to send your requests to or use the contact form below

Developing a white-label app for you

White-labeling is when a product manufactured by Company A is sold to the end-customer under the brand of Company B.  

We provide a white label solution based on the code of the Wheel Size app (for iOS and Andoid platforms) for tire manufacturers, alloy wheel manufacturers, global online shops.

Advantages (white-labeling):

  • Time to market is drastically reduced
  • Selling or promoting your services and products under your brand
  • Cost of product is drastically reduced
  • MVP is already proven (Wheel Size app has more than 150k downloads per year)
  • Ongoing development

We provide:

  • access to complete source code of the app (Android / iOS)
  • access to Wheel Size API
  • custom integration with clients products through API
  • seamless customisation under your corporate branding
  • collaboration with client developers if needed
  • long-term partnership

We can also discuss any custom requests. Please feel free to send your submissions to or use the contact form below.