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BAW Warrior Pickup
2018 - 2023
BAW Warrior Pickup Pickup

Pickup, 2d

BAW Warrior Pickup Pickup


BAW Warrior Pickup Truck

Truck, 2d

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2018 - 2023 1
  • AW
    andrew wiseman January 6, 2021 21:08
    baw warrior 3035 pick up whats the make of the engine? how reliable is this truck? how many miles to the gallon diesel? i know its made for the chines army so it must be good. i like the look of it  what euro is the engine? would it be allowed in the uk roads for the smoke test? are the heaters good? not like the british landrover i hope  thank you
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    • United Kingdom
    • 2018 .. 2023
  • John January 7, 2021 15:28
    Hi,andrew wiseman,The make of the engine is Mutsubishi 4G63S4T L4.The quality of it is good.
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