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Peugeot 504
1968 - 1984
Peugeot 504 I Coupe

Coupe, 3d

Peugeot 504 I Convertible


Peugeot 504 I Estate

Estate, 5d

Peugeot 504 I Saloon


Peugeot 504 I Pickup


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I , EUDM 1968 - 1984 1
  • BO
    Bol August 19, 2021 07:10
    Seeking quality tyres for Peugeot 504 saloon.
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    • Kenya
    • I [1968 .. 1984] [EUDM]
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    • Created: 5 years ago
    • By james mwangi

    Advice , my 504 pick currently is using 195R15 …

    Advice , my 504 pick currently is using 195R15 TIRES . I want to increase it clearance to protect the diff damage due to rough road- pot holes, bumps etc . Please advice me the next best tire size

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      • Answered: 5 years ago
      • By John

      Hi,james mwangi,you can try 215/55/15 tires to lower the height of tires.

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      • Created: 3 years, 11 months ago
      • By Hannington Mbuvi

      Hi, I'd like to modify my rims for my …

      I'd like to modify my rims for my 504 saloon and put sporty rims...I'm told that I'll either have to put a spacer with modified pcd or have the hub changed or studs changed...
      What are the risks involved given that the pcd(140) of the Peugeot wheels is not common in the market? And also considering the weight of the it that bad a choice? Kindly advise..

      ...not sure on what’s the best / biggest / widest / maximum tires or rims will fit your car?

      Write about the tires you are currently driving on.