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Skoda Yeti
5L  [EUDM]
2009 - 2016
Skoda Yeti 5L Closed Off-Road Vehicle

Closed Off-Road Vehicle, 5d

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    • Created: 1 year, 3 months ago
    • By Dave Jackson

    I have a new Yeti out of Czech Republic ...

    I have a new Yeti out of Czech Republic (Outdoor Ambition Premium 1.6 TDI DFP 105PS 4x2 DSG Greentec) on the Certificate of conformity it states that the Yeti is fitted with 215/55/R17 wheels, however a footnote states that due to the GreenTec Emmissions rules it has been fitted with 205/50/R16 wheels, which look lost on a Yeti. How do smaller wheels reduce the emmissions and can I change them for bigger ones? (Given the emmissions scandal)

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      • Answered: 1 year, 3 months ago
      • By John

      Hi, Dave Jackson,If possible,I think 17'' will be better.If changed smaller wheels,It may reduce the emmission because smaller wheels will decrease the second distance which lower the speed.

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