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    • Created: 3 years ago
    • By gus

    Is there conflicting information on the 2012-2017 G4 Impreza? …

    Is there conflicting information on the 2012-2017 G4 Impreza? If I search by make model and year for 2015, I get two RIM sizes presented as stock....a 15 inch and a 16 inch rim. The overall TIRE diameter is the same for both, but yet you list two different offsets, 48 for the 15inch rim, and 55mm for the 16 inch rim. Then as option sizes you list the 17 with a 55mm offset and 18 inch rim that is back to 48mm offset. Why wouldn't they have the same offset if the tire diameter is the same? If I search by vehicle Impreza G4 ( which is the 2012 - 2017 generation) you list the 15 and 16 inch rim in the same offset of 48mm and only attribute the G4 to the JDM market. but yet they have the same offset. and finally, what is the scrub radius for the 2012-2017 Impreza. If I purchase aftermarket tires I would like to keep the same scrub radius. what is an acceptable range for offset and how does that affect my scrub radius? I am concerned about crossing zero scrub if my stock scrub is already neg. or pos.

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      • Answered: 3 years ago
      • By John

      1.The highlighted is OEM wheel size,If you check it for 2012-2017 G4,you will find both 15'',16'' share the same offset.
      2.These unhighlighted items are options,Some aftermarket wheel have these offset,So it have list it for reference.Normally,Aftermarket wheels size have little difference offset or wheel width compared with stock rims size to make wheel looks better.
      3.The normal offset error is +-5mm.But it also depends on car condition.If you don't know whether two rims offset is compatible,you can use this normal offset error to compare it and help you make decision.
      4.For scrub radius,You can go to home page and use tire calculator to compare two tires scrub radius.
      Hope this can help you

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