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Toyota RAV4 Prime
V (XA50)  [USDM]
2020 - 2022
Toyota RAV4 Prime V (XA50) SUV

SUV, 5d

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V (XA50) , USDM 2020 - 2022 1
  • BO
    Bon February 27, 2021 01:27
    For the RAV4 Prime, can I downsize the wheels to 17 inches? If so, 17x6.5, 17x7 or 17x7.5? Offset should be 35 mm or may be 40 or 45 mm? Thanks.
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    • Canada
    • V (XA50) [2020 .. 2022] [USDM]
  • John March 1, 2021 15:18
    Hi, Bon,The smallest stock rims size is 18''.if you want use 17'',The wheel size you can try 17*7.The offset is 30-35mm
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  • BO
    Bon March 1, 2021 18:33
    Thanks John, but I found aftermakets wheels for this auto are all with bigger offset, ex. 38, 40,42, 45, no less than 38, are they still good?
  • John March 2, 2021 16:33
    Hi,Bon,The 18'' stock rims offset is 35mm.For 19'' rims,it is 40mm.So for 17'',it is better that offset less than 40mm.
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